Friday, 23 September 2016

Terminal Emulator Android APP Latest Version APK Download

Terminator emulator app can be downloading and installed from Google play store. It is useful as it allows accessing the inbuilt Linux command line shell. It is absolutely free to download and it has no in-app purchases or ads. A User needs an Android smartphone or Tablet to install the app. A User cannot simulate video games through this app. The user is also allowed to modify or to customize different kinds of stuff like Colors, fonts, Linux shells etc. If you use it once, you’ll love it for sure. No matter you have used the different app for the rooting but you will turn back to it again because it has the interface to interact easily with the system. The user should have basic knowledge of Linux commands as to use the app.


Requirements for the installation:-
  • The device should have the Android 1.6 or above version of OS
  • 128 MB RAM is required in the device
  • 1 MB free space on the device is required to install the app
  • No internet connection is required
  • Last App Update: January 2017
 Key Features:-
  • It allows you to customize the device according to your choice
  • It is a free app
  • It also supports different kinds of languages.
  • There will be no ads to disturb you in between
  • It also supports multitasking through multiple windows which are possible through the Terminal Emulator App
  • No internet is required for the simulation

Every Android smartphone has some inbuilt Linux commands as Android is an application based on Linux, so Linux is basically used for the installation and coding part of the phone. You can download terminator emulator apk if you are familiar with the basic Linux programming.

Tasker Android App latest Version Apk Download For Smartphones

This is a free app to download from Google play store. It allows you to do full automation from the settings of the device to the SMS. A user doesn’t require to root the device, you can do full automation with the app only. This app is really useful if you want to increase the screen’s timeout while reading a book or if you want to manage the screen’s brightness during daytime or night time.

Key Features:-
  • This app is absolutely free to download and install
  • You can also have the feature to lock sensitive app so that your kids can’t access them.
  • With this app, you will set the alarm to wake up with the random song from your playlist.
  • You will also get the option of text to speech transformation so that the device will read your message loudly while driving.
  • The device itself launches a music app after detection of micro SD card.
  • You can even relocate camera and other options.
  • You can zip or unzip data easily
  • Create a back on regular basis on the SD card
  • Even you can have automatic recording during your unavailability
  • You can even track your device’s location in case of theft
  • You can also set to send a birthday message even before it actually arrived
  • You can change the settings so that different message is set for different callers.
  • You just have to move your phone upside down to navigate to home screen

You can download Tasker apk to enjoy the customization device

Google Allo latest Version APk Download for Android Smartphones

Google Allo is the new fun messaging app, through which you can chat with your friends in a new funny way; you can also have the feature of the personal assistant with the app, which will further allow you to find and search anything with that personal assistant. If you want to react to something you can increase the size of the text. If you want to say something gently to someone then you can also have the option to reduce the size of the text. This app allows you to chat with the stickers, doodles, and emojis that require minimum typing. After few chats it will start suggesting you words that are best suited to your chat so that you will not have to type the sentence fully. You will also have the option to add the personal assistant to your group chat to find or search something in a group like if you want to go for dinner then you have to find the best restaurants nearby and then your group members can also suggest the which one is good and reachable.
Key features:-
  • You can use stickers , doodles and emojis to chat
  • Chat with minimum typing
  • Words suggestion is also available with the chat
  • You can now react according to your mood by adjusting the size of the text or of the stickers and emojis
  • Now you can also customize the images before sending , you can add text to your image
  • Google assistant is there to help you , you can even add it to your group chat also
  • Chat secretly with the Google assistant in the incognito tab

  Download Google Allo apk so to enjoy fun messaging with less typing!

FIFA 16 Android APP APK Download For Smartphones

FIFA 16 is a mobile based Android game for football lovers. If you want to experience the real gaming world of FIFA championship while being one among the world famous football players them you can download the FIFA 16 apk now. It is now even faster than ever. You can build your team while selecting your players from different world famous Football players. Select a uniform of your choice and even take part in the championships with the experienced Football players. You will have the choice to buy and sell players so as to build a perfect team of yours. You can exchange players with the valuable prizes. You can have the control of the team; you can select the action of the game etc. This app requires 1.4 GB space on your device and works well with every is even easier to play with the enhanced controls of the game. You can even become coach of any Football team in the game.
Key Features:-
  • You can download the game from Google play store
  • You can have your own team
  • You can even select players from the world’s famous football team
  • You will have the control over the game
  • You can select the team’s further action in the game
  • You can even replace players with the valuable prizes
  • You can sell or buy any player
  • Select a daily challenge in the game
  • Take part in the championships
  • Requires 1.4 GB space in the device for installation and run

Download  FIFA 16 APK now to Experience the real football gaming world inside FIFA 16 with the world’s famous Football players.

Dragon City Android Latest version APK Download For Smartphones

Dragon city is a gaming app which is available to download from Google play store. In this app you can have multiple dragons with you, you have to feed them breed them and then you’ll get a level up in the game. You can have the variety of dragons; you have to train them for the battle. You have to provide shelter to them so that they can live comfortable and enjoy the living. You have to give them good food for their growth and power build up. You will have to take care of them by providing them everything they need. Dragon city app is the animated game which basically attracts kids for the theme and beautiful attractive dragons.
Key Features:-
  • It is a free app and offers in-app purchases
  • Easy to download and install the app from Google play store
  • A variety of dragons is available in the game to select from
  • More than 100 different dragons are there in the game
  • You can make them breed and combine the 10 different types of dragons from the vast variety of dragons
  • It also has a large number of buildings
  • You have to prepare your dragon to fight
  • A number of missions are also available in the game
  • A beautiful dragon game with the wonderful environment
  • You have to take care of the dragons well
  • Provide good habitat and nutrition food to the dragons
  • You can play it with your friends and visit their island; you can also send gifts to your friends.

Download Dragon city apk to enjoy gaming!