Friday, 23 September 2016

Google Allo latest Version APk Download for Android Smartphones

Google Allo is the new fun messaging app, through which you can chat with your friends in a new funny way; you can also have the feature of the personal assistant with the app, which will further allow you to find and search anything with that personal assistant. If you want to react to something you can increase the size of the text. If you want to say something gently to someone then you can also have the option to reduce the size of the text. This app allows you to chat with the stickers, doodles, and emojis that require minimum typing. After few chats it will start suggesting you words that are best suited to your chat so that you will not have to type the sentence fully. You will also have the option to add the personal assistant to your group chat to find or search something in a group like if you want to go for dinner then you have to find the best restaurants nearby and then your group members can also suggest the which one is good and reachable.
Key features:-
  • You can use stickers , doodles and emojis to chat
  • Chat with minimum typing
  • Words suggestion is also available with the chat
  • You can now react according to your mood by adjusting the size of the text or of the stickers and emojis
  • Now you can also customize the images before sending , you can add text to your image
  • Google assistant is there to help you , you can even add it to your group chat also
  • Chat secretly with the Google assistant in the incognito tab

  Download Google Allo apk so to enjoy fun messaging with less typing!

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